Pen and Inkpot Foundation

A federal tax exempt 501c3 non profit organization
Tax. ID# 26-3091936

A charity founded on stewardship, bridge building and planting the seeds of common ground with the principles of Giving with justice, compassion, balance and God consciousness, inclusive to all people and our environment, through Sustainable Stewardship of Green Value, Education through an endowment of scholarships, a socially conscious Islamic Art and knowledge or the pen. It is called S.E.A.K.

To plant seeds of common ground and build bridges in society, through sustainable, green and educational project based service, as Stewards, or also called S.E.A.K. where Muslims share this beauty through their architecture, art, and pen, with society and amongst their community. Education and Sustainable actions forms an essential weave of the Pi Foundations works with the value of green.

Value Statement or Core Value:
An endowment in America, with the principle of inclusivity, which core and principle values are reflections of the organization's founder and architect, Uzma Mirza, a muslim woman, building a social entrepreneurship and artist creating non-profit actions in the world through sustainable or balanced principles as a steward, which are basic tenets of her Islamic faith common to all faiths, encouraging equality, justice, compassion and dignity for all humans, in the footsteps of all the Prophets and great minds of the world.

The Charter of The Pen and Inkpot Foundation


1.1 Sustainable and Value of Green Spaces - The Environment:

A building in a society, as a helping hand to make a balanced, just and equitable society for all people. Building promoting sustainable and green building and designing infrastructures and an environment basic and conducive to a healthy life in all society. e.g. By providing aid and building sustainable building and infrastructure in acquiring clean water through water wells, tree planting, and alleviating poverty, through sustainable and green sacred spaces, yet not limited by this.

1.2 Education: 

Pi Scholarships:

A. Dr. Aijaz and Shahnaz Mirza Pi Scholarship: This scholarship provides financial assistance in tuition for those meritorious, community active or in extra curricular activity, students in financial need coming from a low income family and excelling in their study, in the state of Indiana, and pursuing higher education towards a degree, in (or already in) either a college or a university or a technical school. Average grade of A- or better. Upon completion of study the student is expected to serve, in the arena of education for one year, a non profit (501c3) organization in his or her community. A signed acceptance and proof of this community service, thereafter, will be required by applicant as a requirement in the award of this scholarship.

B. Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI): Uzma Mirza International Travel Scholarship

1.3 Art:
Social and Spirtual - An Art Exhibit Auction/Fundraiser, an educational event for interfaith and multicultural diversity

1.4 Knowledge:

a)FORUMS through fundraising, publications and exhibits.

b) Pen and Inkpot: Magazine - under Construction

c) Relief: A helping hand to community and society with basic needs or infrastructure as required. Project to project basis.


NOTE: Events, symposiums and Art exhibits are called FORUMS. i.e. An Art Exhibit/Auction is a 'FORUM' or an 'Action FORUM' for building the Pi Foundations' roots. With your generous support of this Art through your commissions and donations you support the continuation the work.