A Greener 'Taste of Ramadan' 2015

Date: Friday June 26th at 7pm-10:00pm

Place: The History Center in Fort Wayne, IN

(Please see Invitation)

A fast-breaking evening of Muslims, and non Muslims, sharing a multicultural fast breaking(Iftar), home cooked dinner with speaking venues of diversity, inclusivity and sustainability, with the Fort Wayne community--Food for thought with the diversity of our speakers and food for the palette exemplifying the diversity of the Muslim community.

During the first week of the Month of Ramadan, the FORUM by The Pen and Inkpot Foundation called, 'Taste of Ramadan', a sixth glimpse will convene. This year a "Greener Taste of Ramadan is coming!" By The Pen and Inkpot Foundation or Pi Foundation as part of the vision and mission: S.E.A.K. - www.pifdn.org Generally, held the first or second Friday of Ramadan.

Although the Taste of Ramadan is generally always sustainable and green as much as possible, as its mission and vision of S.E.A.K. establishes, without tooting our horn, however this year we will celebrate and be more explicit on the banner of being green with sustainable action in which the foundation already partakes (in one word sustainability can be called 'balance' or in arabic al Mizan-The Balance), as much as we can. Part of Sustainability is building our communty's fro what is healthy, grateful and thankful.

So, join the movement and initiatives by many similar minds. Please be part of the voice in your community. So make your sacred spaces, as Masjids (Mosques), Churches, Synagogues and community centers more green!

What makes it unique and its purpose other than it being ALL Green, we are hopeful? (This year we will try and be as green as possible! Sustainability and Green issues will be implemented which is also part of the founders personal writings and published work)

This event, FORUM, reminds each of us of the beauty of, 'what is Ramadan' or fasting which is common to all faiths, its bodily, reflective and spiritual purpose and potent value in society, while reminding that the diversity of your food, comes the diversity of 'we' the people and the safeguarding of our environment and its people. We all are essentially the ‘Taste of Ramadan’ reflecting each of our unique tonal attributes.   And… it is through the architecture and tastes of our foods we take a glimpse this evening into the diversity of ourselves and our individual faiths to see our similarities not our differences.

The FORUM's purpose is to give a glimpse and a sound to share in an 'Iftar (fast breaking) with Muslims and non-Muslims and see the beauty and purpose of Ramadan (fasting) and enjoy a wonderful multicultural dinner and to build bridges through various topics, as this is a time for self reflection, through the Muslims' celebrated month called Ramadan (month of fasting) amongst community's, as there are a significant number of Muslim children in our school system and Muslim adults in our communities, universities and professions. Then reflect on the spiritual concept of fasting common to all faiths.   This event reflects the Multi-cultural vitality of Fort Wayne, as the diversity of our culture, of our palette and of our race as it is reflected in the flavorful taste of our foods. It is for non Muslims and Muslims from the Indiana community. It consists of food for the mind and spirit and food for the body. The food for the body is an uncatered dinner; and the speakers are part of a civil engagement from our Indiana community's, as the food for the mind and spirit.

It is an overflowing gathering of about 200-300 people, with a delicious multicultural home cooked dinner, two or three vibrant and thought provoking speakers reflecting diversity, sustainability and humanity within community, alongside is a unique Islamic art, a letter or attendance by the Mayor, and an interfaith gathering with civic engagement. The forum, each year, reflects a grassroots event which is part of our society, with speakers and attending guests, who give their time to learn from each other.

So, what is this Ramadan?

Well Ramadan is a month of fasting for Muslims. There are basically five pillars in Islam: Shahhada (oneness of God), Salat (prayer), Zakat (charity), Saum (fasting) and Hajj (the pilgrimage). Today we are celebrating the fourth pillar, called Saum or fasting which is the present month of which we share a taste called Ramadan. And we will journey through a few perspectives, from sharing a view of fasting by various speakers, which is common to all faiths and philosophies.  Essentially, Ramadan or the month of fasting is a spiritual and physically intense 30 days of reflection, sharing, giving, supplication and a self building.

The theme tentatively of this year:

A Greener Taste of Ramadan:

Theme: "A Spiritual Reflection on Environment and Sustainability with the hue of green"



Ihsan Bagby  PhD

Associate Professor/Scholar on Islamic Studies & Islamic Legal theory
University of Kentucky
Chair, ISNA's Mosque Development Committee


Patricia K. Tull PhD
A. B. Rhodes Professor Emerita of Old Testament
Louisville Presbyterian Seminary

Affiliate Developer, Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light




Giving financial assistance is good, but it is not enough. Just like when a healthy person misses a fast, he or she must make it up, or a chronically sick person misses a fast, he or she must feed a fasting person, not just give money; there is a potent reason for this.
There is a reason for every action that our Creator requests and commands to us to do, yet with free 'will'. Until that 'will' understands its actions and reactions its 'will' is a reflex action, in dire need of spiritual nourishment and knowledge, even by the most religious of people the heart needs constant watering, nourishment and vigilance. Being vigilant of our words, neighbor, the poor, the orphan, the women, the weak or sick 'around us' is key to healing and transformation.

This years new The Pen and Inkpot Foundation scholarship-TBA at the Pi FORUM Click here

Ultimately, we must build out society's, dialogue with our neighbors and not always give across the Atlantic and Pacific while our community needs assistance.However, family is first and those members in need overseas have first rights for assistance from each respective family member. God knows best.

The Pi Foundation thanks everyone for their participation, support and sponsorship.

Especially thank you to all of the people who have made this possible each year!

Please consider supporting the scholarship fund by The Pen and Inkpot Foundation, as a Sadaqah Jaria or Zakat giving.
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Shahnaz Mirza, Vice President

Dr. Faisal Mirza MD, FRCS--Board Member

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