Project 4-Pi Educational Scholarships, Pi Grants and the International Travel Scholarship: 

Dr. Aijaz and Shahnaz Mirza Pi Scholarship, or also called The Pi Scholarship, accepts senior student(s) in highschool accepted into a collegel-or already enrolled in a college, or univeristy-emerging from under priviliged circumstances having difficulty to pay for tuition or receive a student loan to complete their education-as stipulated in the application-and excels in his or her education, in Indiana. The amount of the scholarship varies each year. This scholarship varies each year. Contact the Foundation for each year. Click here for Application

2015 Winner: Congratulations to a Student in need (anonymous due to privacy) at the Plainfield Islamic School, Plainfield, IN

b) The Uzma Mirza International Travel Scholarship on Islamic Architecture, Islamic Art and Islam, by Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianpolis (IUPUI). It is an allocated educational fund by the Pi Foundation for this International Travel Scholarship partnered with IUPUI to study Islamic Architecture, Islamic Art and Islam. This new scholarship will be announced at the FORUM, A Green Taste of Ramadan 2015. The Pi Foundation will be allocating funds to support this scholarship, named after its founder, to perpetually educate our future teachers in the USA to be more aware of the importance of diversity in our society and cognizant about Muslims and Islam amongst us.

About Scholarship: Recipient’s will be required to learn about Islamic culture in its many forms, including but not limited to that of the arts, architecture,  social and racial justice. For instance, while some students may elect to study  the architecture of Islamic culture, students with an interest in the social sciences may elect to study how hate crimes have increased since 2001, Islamic racial identity, Islamic identity politics, or the  current political climate and Islamophobia and how these dispositions might work to impair educational outcomes for youth and communities.  Following the students study abroad, they are expected to present their findings/ discuss their experiences with faculty, staff, students in the SOE and beyond within 6 months of their return.  

This Years 2017 Award Honoree: Tasnim Elmamoun