Project - Serving Meals for the Homeless:

Location Interfaith Hospitality Network:

Interfaith Hospitality Network is the only emergency homeless shelter in the greater Fort Wayne area that serves homeless families. When a family becomes homeless they must often separate because most facilities are not designed to accommodate them. The Interfaith Hospitality network is the exception, keeping families together throughout their housing crisis.

Fort Wayne, Indiana. Executive Director: Rev. Terry Anderson

1) Past-2011 Ramadan

2) This year Ramadan 2012: Scehduled Mon. July 23, Tues.24, Wed. 25. Before Taste of Ramadan on Friday, July 27th.

3) This years Ramadan 2014: TBA

Meals for the Homeless Project is an initiative by the Pi Foundation during the month of Ramadan, with the Muslim Youth and adults of Fort Wayne.

Please confirm if you are interested in volunteering. First come first serve. We will need about 5 home cooked dishes each day. A salad, a meat and vegetarian or noodle.

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