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Title: Ode to my Architect, G_d: Sound of an Islamic Art
by Uzma Mirza

A wonderful addition to any Islamic Art collection, a university library or one's home library. It is showcase of a contemporary sound of an Islamic Art home grown in North America by a Western Muslim woman artist. It can make a wonderful gift for a family member or a friend; or just a treasure of Islamic art; or a great addition to a collection of art.

Available is a limited quantity of books donated by penandinkpot, Uzma Mirza, to The Pen and Inkpot Foundation.

All proceeds from the sale of this book donation will go to the Foundation's work, events and scholarship fund.

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6.14" x 9.21" (15.596 x 23.393 cm)
Full Color, 128 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1461117896
ISBN-10: 1461117895
LCCN: 2011907139


This is a unique work that combines verse and art to express a Creator.  It is a mosaic of poetry, art and essay by Uzma Mirza, that resounds the expression of God; it is a collage of a fluid, dynamic and a timeless geometry, on a quiet palette echoing the sounds of an Islamic calligraphic art, in a style unique to the artist and author. It is an unprecedented expression of meaning and sound where her message is simple: To help build a sustainable world with a Creating Designer, as she phrases, my Architect, G_d, in mind. It is a renewed thinking, of a Creator, without complacency, of a reformative social activism seen through her art and her pen with the metaphor of green.


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