The Dr. Aijaz & Shahnaz Mirza Pi Scholarship & Grant



AMOUNT: Dr. M. Aijaz and Shahnaz Mirza Pi Scholarship $TBA May 30 (as funds available. Please inquire).

AMOUNT: Dr. M. Aijaz and Shahnaz Mirza Pi Grant $500.00 November 30 annully, (as as funds available. Please inquire).

Scholarship by The Pen and Inkpot Foundation or Pi Foundation:

1)Dr. Aijaz & Shahnaz Mirza Pi Scholarship:
This scholarship provides financial assistance in tuition for those meritorious, community active or in extra curricular activity, students in financial need coming from a low income family and excelling in their study, in the state of Indiana, and pursuing higher education towards a degree, in (or already in) either a college or a university or a technical school. Average grade of A- or better. Upon completion of study the student is expected to serve, in the arena of education for one year, a non profit (501c3) organization in his or her community. A signed acceptance and proof of this community service, thereafter, will be required by applicant as a requirement in the award of this scholarship.

2) Pi Grant: For students from grades under highschool emerging from underprivileged or low income families to help in the payment of tuition for schooling, although not limited by this. To be determined by Pi Board yearly and based on a as need basis. Grant requirements similar to Scholarship requirements. Please see below.

*Scholarship and Grant Submmission: Please e-mail all applications as scanned attachments.

Country of implementation of Scholarship: State of Indiana in the United States of America

Scholarship Amount varies. Up to descretion of Pi Foundation Committee. Scholarship given directly to the institution where applicant is accepted for his or her degree program in a college or university or technical School or where applicant will continue his or her study for the following year. Number of awarded Recipients of scholarship: Varies each year. To the descretion of Pi Foundation Board.

Timeframe of scholarship: Tuition for following one year of higher education at a college, university or equivalent pursuing higher education.

Purpose of Scholarship: This is a restrictive scholarship for the sole purpose of tuition for higher education in a degree program for the chosen individuals. The scholarship money shall not be used for any other purpose as overhead, administration costs, or travel for the named Recipient of the scholarship. Qualification for Scholarship:

-Applicant must be a US citizen or a resident of the USA (Require a proof copy of residency ID number of green card or citizenship card)
-Applicant must have an Indiana permanent address
-Applicant must be a student enrolled in a degree program

-Applicant must submit an official copy of Transcripts.
-Applicant must be from a low income family bracket under USA laws definition of low income.
-Applicant must be a senior in high school graduating to attend College and/or University in the USA or continuing education in higher study.

-Applicant must submit the attached given Biographical Data form with this Application package.
-Applicant must submit an 'Acceptance Letter' by the University or College he or she will be attending the following year.
-Applicant must submit two letters of reference from teachers and those that know the student well in academia.
-Applicant submit a Financial Statement of family support for education for the studying year under consideration.

-Applicant must answer and submit a one page Letter of Intent and Interest as follows:

*Question: "Why do you think you are the best candidate to receive a scholarship by the Pi Foundation and how do you plan to serve your community after and during your education?

* Deadline of completed Application: Varies each based on Ramadan schedule. Winner announced at annual Taste of Ramadan.

The intent of this Scholarship is for the purpose of education of qualified individuals in need of such educational assistance, as stipulated in this document and as outlined in the mission/vision and core values of this non-profit corporation's Constitution and Articles. No funds will be used for any terrorist activity or to fund such activity. No goods or service was exchanged with the scholarship awarded to the Recipient. This is a humanitarian 'giving' to those in educational need.

The selected recipient(s) will be awarded at this years, 'Taste of Ramadan'; a Forum by The Pen and Inkpot Foundation.

We look forward to receiving your completed Application.


The Pen and Inkpot Foundation (501c3)
President and founder



Last Name:
Middle Name: First Name:


Mailing Address (if different than above):

What university, college or equivalent institution of higher education have you been accepted?

Please provide a proof of acceptance letter by the institution you plan to attend? An official signed copy of a letter from your university is acceptable.

What degree or higher study in college or university are you pursuing or continuing?

Are you a citizen of the United States of America?
If No then, Residency or green card ID number
Social Security ID:
Have you applied to other scholarships?
Have you received them?
Is your education being funded by other scholarships presently?
Are you being funded by Fafsa or any other student loan program?
How many years is your degree program?
*If you require further space please attach answers on a separate piece of paper.